South American tea beer?

So, I’ve been curious about Yerba Mate tea for quite some time, haven’t got around to actually trying any yet, however, the other day on Facebook I discovered something that caught my eye. It’s called MateVeza… As in Mate beer! No joke, someone had the idea to brew Yerba Mate tea, into a dark lager beer “that won’t let you down”

MateVeza was conceived in 2004 by homebrewer Jim Woods after he fortuitously followed a sip of freshly brewed yerba mate with a hoppy pale ale in his San Francisco apartment. No stranger to creating his own beer recipes, sparks flew for Jim, as the contrasting flavors of yerba mate, hops and malt came together to create a delicious and truly unique beer drinking experience. Woods had first learned about yerba mate from his cousin and later experienced the yerba mate culture firsthand when he himself had the privilege of traveling to Argentina.

Sounds interesting! If you’ve read my blog in the past, I am always curious about strange lesser known beers and microbrews.

Sadly though, right now I can’t get it in Florida. :(

They also have an Ale, which is actually what I found on Facebook.