Heroes, Villans and Identity

Did you know that in Latin the root word for Identical, is Identity? According to Dictionary.com an Identity is “the state or fact of remaining the same one or ones, as under varying aspects or conditions”. The fingerprints on the gun, are the same as the ones on file, the thing is the same as itself. That’s what our speaker the other night at Emmaus told us. Dr. Vincent Zamoyta said that the word identical doesn’t mean that two things are the same, it means like I said, the thing is the same as itself. TheGiant is the same as lonelygiant, lonelygiant is the same as Matt.

However often times how someone is seen is merely a matter of perspective. To a Transformer, a Transformer is not big, but to a human they are massive. To Godzilla a smaller monster is nothing, to a human they are massive. On the TV show Heroes everyone that has powers are heroes, however one of them is really a villan, because he is trying to kill all of the other heroes. Today I watched a rerun episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko was on the hunt for a Star Fleet officer turned Maquis named Bennington, who believed he was some kind of hero, once Sisko realized that he became the villan, in the end, but the villan won, he was really the hero, or was he? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Someone’s warm weather is someone else’s cold weather.

Science says people are less functional off of less sleep, really, I just typed that after a one hour workout session with my personal trainer and some time spent watching TV (Thank God for DVRs), and that was off of three hours sleep.